Fundraising Your Way There

This is a mission of women’s empowerment and independence, so fundraising is grassroots. From the very beginning, you will be given ownership over your trip, which means you will raise the money for your journey. We will assist you through the fundraising process by helping you create a biography, a budget, and a crowdsourcing campaign. You will be given a list of necessities: visa, passport, airfare and other items to prepare. We will help you create a budget for your trip as well.

Becoming an Ambassador and Part of the Legacy

By walking the Camino, you are becoming part of an amazing legacy of Star Walkers. Star Walkers is a foundation with next June 2020 being its first annual walk of many to come. All Starwalker participants will become Starwalker Ambassadors after completing the pilgrimage, which means a Star Walker profile will be created with pictures and notes from the your journey on the Camino to be accessed through our website for others to view and prepare for their own journeys. Also, will become the bridge to connect us with women centered organizations in your own community. We want to grow and work in collaboration with as many women’s organizations that we can to help empower women.