The Mission

Our mission is to heal and empower women through the meditative and transformative power of pilgrimage.

Throughout history, some of our greatest and most fearless leaders, including Gandhi, Moses, and Mother Teresa have led walks to leave behind the past and trail blaze the way to a new and brighter future.

With the current rise in awareness around gender equality issues with the #MeToo movement and the myriad of women’s marches across continents, Starwalkers documentary series and foundation is the call for action and initiation into a renewed sense of self and life’s purpose for women around the world.

Power of Pilgrimage

Star Walkers Foundation is the calling of initiation into a renewed sense of self and of life’s purpose through a journey on the ancient interfaith Camino de Santiago de Compostela (the Way of the Stars) pilgrimage. As a rite of passage and pathway for transformation, the Camino allows the power of pilgrimage to dissolve outdated judgments and belief systems that have restricted and limited women from living their authentic selves.

“Pilgrimage is relating to nature- to the sun coming up, to wondering if it’s going to be too hot or if it’s going to rain that day. When you walk, you think about your intention with nature and how we place ourselves in it. We are one with nature when we walk. Pilgrimage can bring up pain, inspiration, and empowerment.”