Our Starwalkers

Katleho Mallela (Kat) was born March 4, 1995 in Kempton Park, South Africa. She has been training as an actress since the age of 12 and is currently getting an Associate Degree in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy. Katleho is a victim of sexual and physical abuse and comes from a world where your body can be grounds for a crime. In South Africa, it is estimated that 40% of women will be raped in their lifetime, and she wants to use her voice for the first time in her life to speak out against this violent crime. She is walking for the victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape who cannot speak, are too afraid to speak, and for those who didn’t live to speak.

Jasmine Akbari was born August 6, 1991 in Blackpool, England. She lived in the UK until she was 10 when she migrated to Australia with her family. She was born to an Iranian father and a half Iranian mother. Passionate about theatre since her early youth, Jasmine has been writing plays and acting since she was a child and recently graduated with a BFA in acting. She lived in New York City for 5 years working in the theatre and lived in Kerala, India for a year working closely with Amrithavarshini, a charity group for people with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease). She is an activist for equality and wants to use her art as her platform to combat ethical and societal oppression.

Janhavi Panwar is ‘India’s wonder girl’. At her current age of 14, Ms. Panwar is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University when most kids her age are studying in the 8th grade. Additionally, Janhavi is linguistically talented and speaks basic French, Japanese, English, Hindi and Haryanavi and has mastered eight foreign accents.

Nadia Ahmad is a single mother of 2 children from one of the most conservative areas of Pakistan. She has faced numerous challenges raising her children including her decision to quit a well-paid corporate job after 16 years to become a stay at home mom. Now, after recently divorcing and with no financial support from her ex-husband, she struggles to make ends meet as an Uber driver.

Jennifer Johnson Lee is a single mother of two working in retail, an aspiring astrologer, and a local activist in her hometown of Bloomington, Illinois USA. She devotes her time to writing, studying, and demonstrating the law of attraction. Jennifer is committed to empowering marginalized women through the teaching of self-mastery and visualization. She is walking the Camino to connect with the Divine Feminine and to raise awareness around the PTSD of rape and sexual assault on women and to give a voice to those survivors who were not believed.

Violet Stoeker is a 17-year-old Los Angeles native attending Grand Arts High School for visual arts. Recently, Violet got into a teen photography program at the Getty Museum and through her residency, she is working on her photo essay about women’s health, a topic she’s passionate to learn more about. Violet grew up with two gay dads and a brother, making her the only girl in her household. Homelife created new dynamics after her parents got divorced and both remarried, now giving her 4 fatherly figures. Her experience has been both brutal and beautiful.

There is much she wants to learn from women. She’s had to develop her own idea of feminism from the time she began puberty. During this time, she realized she was completely alone on her journey to womanhood. Recently, Violet was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety from an apparent lack of self identity and the confusion of growing up in a masculine household. Violet is walking the Camino to connect with other women and to find and identify with her inner feminine.

Zenith Virago was born in England to a very ordinary working class family, who allowed her to be a feisty, curious girl, she was lucky they, nor anyone damaged her in any way. She grew up whole and intact. She married her childhood love, and they had two sons. After 7 years of an easy and respectful marriage, she left everything and everyone and set out to travel an inner and outer journey in the world.

Now at age 62 and having lived in Byron Bay, Australia for the past 35 years, she celebrates being a feminist, a lesbian, a mother, a grandmother, and an elder. As an elder in her community and profession, she is known as the Death Walker and works with people who are dying, are dead, and with the families coming to terms with those experiences. Through her own and so many others’ courage, she has learned and shared so much in this life. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff and appreciates all of what life has to offer including both its gifts and challenges. Death has polished her and her life into something more beautiful than she ever had thought possible. She is walking the Camino for women’s empowerment and for those who died and for those to come.

Wendy Shugar is a highly energetic hiking/backpacking guide, artist, poet and life coach whose passionate work ethic has an unparalleled approach to life healing on the trail.

Born and raised near Malibu and currently living in Oregon, Wendy enjoys finding new hiking trails and exploring nature, while helping others find their energy, discovering their authentic self, and redefine ones life’s purpose into an incredibly beautiful lifetime experience. Wendy believes that Nature is a great tool for reconnecting to oneself.

A blend of skill and experience with many years on trails, has given a distinctive edge to Wendy‘s talent while her professionalism has gained her much prestige; making her an asset to any hiking expedition she goes on with groups of explorers.
Wendy’s mission is to help people maximize their personal success through a better understanding and more effective communication of their unique strengths, abilities, passions, health and values. She believes that EVERYONE can reach their DREAMS with the help of Peace, Love and Happiness!

Mischelle Brown is intersexed, Jewish/African-American, nomadic, sentient being from the Galaxy Vartarnia by way of Denver, Colorado. She is Mischelle Brown, or a.k.a. Colorado Levy-Modern Day Conjurer. By design, she was born a ball player learning how to navigate spaceship Earth through one handed bounce passes, mid-range jump shots, offensive rebounds and cross-overs. Her purpose has always been to serve self by being of service to others. Presently, she is on a pleasure seeking pilgrimage investigating how to make art, make friends, make love, and build community with the one hope to flourish her human self and to inspire other humans to do the same.